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About Us

Dionísio Carreiro de Almeida Lda, was founded on December 31, 1960 by Dionísio Carreiro de Almeida and Fernando Luís Ferreira de Melo. This partnership was born out of a passion they both shared for the automobile industry. Initially, the company’s headquarters were located in the former Rua do Conde, now Rua Aristides Moreira da Mota, where the activity was focused on workshop services, sale of cars and auto parts.

In 1970, he started by marketing the Rover brand with the Land-Rover model and the Reliant Motor brand with the Rebel 700 model.  A year later, the brands Portaro and Tagus. Around 1975, he began to represent Mitsubishi with the model FUSO – heavy trucks and Canter-trucks light.

In 1976, Dionísio Carreiro de Almeida Lda moved its headquarters to Rua do Castilho, responding to the increased demand for the brands it represents. Thus, from  onwards, the L300 open box and closed box model began to be sold, the Pajero model, L300 vans and later L400. It was in the 1990s that the company started selling light vehicles, with the sale of Lancer, Colt and Galant models.

In 2006, the construction of the new headquarters, built from scratch, took place with the main objective of maintaining its excellent services and being able to respond to the needs of the current market. The new facilities are located in the Parish of São Roque, more specifically in the Rotunda de Belém.

Currently, Dionísio Carreiro de Almeida Lda proudly represents 3 trusted brands, Mitsubishi Motors, Fuso Trucks, Maxus and Piaggio Commercial. To date, its main focus has been the preservation of its values ​​and beliefs, the creation of close ties and ensuring customer satisfaction with the various services it provides.


Dionísio Carreiro de Almeida, Lda is founded


First brands: Rover and Reliant Motor


Representation of the Portaro and Tagus brands


Mitsubishi Representation: Fuso and Canter


Headquarters move to Rua do Castilho


Galloper brand representation


Start of commercialization of light vehicles


National Award for Best Dealership Mitsubishi Motors 2014


Prémio Nacional de Melhor Concessionário Mitsubishi Motors 2015


Representation of the new brand - Maxus


National Award for Best Dealership Mitsubishi Motors 2021


Representation of Nova Gama Comercial - Piaggio Commercial